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Like I said, this is a shlog (short blog) that I have created to keep myself accountable for writing and journaling and to be more interactive with those who read it and have input.  I just ask that you be respectful of all ideologies.



Have you ever been in the middle of say…a yoga flow and suddenly you have the urge to just move your body in such a way, it feels good.  I mean rather than doing the actual flow, you discover something feels really good in your body so you want to do more of it?  Like I know you wouldn’t just freestyle in the middle of a studio class, but say in your personal yoga practice at home.  You find that one stretch or that one position.  And while you know that this will transition (or that was the intention anyway) into another pose, you stop and pursue the one you’re already in.  I have done that numerous times.  In fact, I am pretty good at just sitting in a pose for nearly 5 minutes (thus my interest in yin yoga).  Or I’ll find that flailing my arms while I’m sitting in lotus pose, feels good.  Stretching them from side to side, up, down and all around.  It just felt good for the arms so I had to continue.  Sometimes I wonder if what I’m doing is an actual yoga pose.  If it’s not, maybe it should be.  Or maybe I can somehow integrate that yummy thing I just did, into a yoga flow.  After all I have done that with moving meditations in my yoga practice.  It feels good sometimes to just sit still, dig deep and move your body ever so slowly.  It doesn’t always have to be rushed or even at all.  Having a yoga and/or meditation practice is about making it yours and whatever your body and mind needs at that moment.  There are no standards, no time limits and no boundaries.  ~Namaste



So I sit here on another snowy day and what am I doing?  Shopping for beads of course.  It has turned into my newest interest and attempt at being creative.  It seems I find a new interest every other month and than move on again to another.  Meanwhile, I am hoarding all this stuff that sparked that interest in the first place.  Is there such thing as hoarding interests?  I mean could you possibly have a passion for something for such a short time?  It appears I can!  My longest running hobby was probably photography and I still do it today, just not as often.  I actually made a go out of making it a side business, and still do today.  Only I’m much less motivational about it.

I than went on to become a yoga teacher.  I started yoga because it helped me and I took yoga teacher training in hopes of helping others.  I taught for a little over 2 years after I graduated only to change states and so far, have not returned to teaching yoga again.  I still do it, still blog about it, still read and learn new things about it everyday, but I am still not teaching.

I have this new found love of herbs and oils lately.  I collected all kinds of storage jars for my kitchen/apothecary.  I bought all kinds of herbs, made tinctures, body mists and beauty products.  I have containers, oils, herbs and butters all over my house now.  I don’t use them as heavily as I did at first, but I still do it, just not as often.

My newest addiction as stated above, is jewelry.  But I have had this interest for quite some time, I just never pursued it.  Well, now I am with the purchase of some beads and supplies.  Wish me well on this endeavor.

Some very short lived (but yet valid interests still today) are sewing (I loved making my own bell-bottoms), concrete plant pots (they were so cool looking, I had to try them).  On a side note, I actually plan on making some of those again this spring.  I have had an interest in making custom made pillows but have not yet taken that one on.  Cooking (don’t like to cook but once in a blue moon I find a really cool recipe I want to try) so I’m a rock-star for the day.  Tye-dye…yep you read that right.  I wanted to try it out but that interest came in and right back out of my brain almost instantly.

I have tried to understand my lack of stick-to-itiveness when it comes to interests and hobbies.  It has been an issue all my life and I don’t see it changing now.  If I feel a spark, I go for it.  You just never know when one might stick.  Meanwhile I have this great collection of items in my home that has or does spark my attention and I will never be bored as long as I’m surrounded by all the things I have loved to do.  I’ll just call it random creative diversity and leave it at that.  ~Namaste



Well lookie there, I kept up on my own damned writing today.  I don’t have a whole lot on my mind today except pain.  Yes, even yogi’s experience pain once in a while and I’m no exception.  My pain is radiating from my hip.  Piriformis maybe?  SI joint?  Maybe both, but it is driving me nuts.  It’s difficult to even sleep when it’s acting up, especially on either side of my body.  I have become a back sleeper because of that.

Now chronic sciatica caused by my piriformis being pinched, is the reason I found yoga.  It is the reason I wanted to teach yoga and the reason I still do yoga today.  It has helped me in ways that nothing else has been able too.  I can lay on my mat any time of day, in any kind of pain and usually work it out to at least being bearable.  There is a lot to be said for just simple stretching, let alone more intermediate yoga poses.

But alas, all this sitting has got me all bent out of shape (literally) and now it’s time to work it all out.  I have been stretching, taking hot bathes, using heating pads, Aleve (even one prescribed pain killer the other day) and more stretching.  I am drinking more water (pain is a classic symptom for me, that I’m not drinking enough water) and doing more yin yoga.  I AM working it out.

Do you have any aches, pains or ailments that are annoying you at this moment?  Would you like to share?  Maybe you have some tips or tricks on how to deal with pain or inflammation.  Tell all!  ~Namaste



Well damn it all anyway.  I guess this is becoming an every-other-day blog now.  At least I’m staying pretty consistent aren’t I?  Anyway, today I want to talk about FOOD!  Yes that magical substance that keeps us going and makes us crazy without it.

Today I experimented making a couple things I’ve never made before.  Baked kale and baked sliced cabbage.  Pretty easy right?  Well as of this moment, the jury is still out as they are baking in the oven.  But I sure hope they come out alright, I really want to try them fresh out of the oven (and not burnt) as I’ve only tried the baked kale once, made by my cousin and burnt.  But I still liked it so there is hope.

I will update when the family has given me their critique.  What are some of your newly experienced recipes.  I’m dying to hear them.



March 2nd and here we are.  Can you feel spring arriving yet?  I can feel it in my bones but unfortunately, my bones are still feeling the ice cold of winter.  I’m not a cold weather gal are you?

I had a subject all picked out for today but for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was.  It must have come to me in the middle of the night, like so many other thoughts, only to be less than a memory by morning.  Ever do that?  Have a great idea or thought at a really bad time and then later remember that you had a great idea only to find you can’t remember exactly what it was?  I do it all the time.  I really need to keep a pen and journal by my bedside for those rare occasions.

I have been busy working on my Etsy store where I buy and sell vintage items and make and sell bath and beauty products.  I have been making delicious foods, working on a line of body butters intended to aide those struggling with cancer (by request on my BFF who is battling that battle right now), got myself a part time job working for the local grocers, working on my photography site and looking for good finds for kitchen storage or apothecary needs (I’m a bottle/jar junkie) and these can also be found in my Etsy store.  I have been messing with the idea of offering corporate yoga classes and brainstorming (and reading on) ways to make that manifest.  My mind is busy and now it’s time to make my body busy too.  Time to go do yoga.  ~Namaste



Well welcome to March of 2018!  Again I have not been held accountable for my writing but luckily I am aware enough to figure out that it has been a couple days now so here I am.  What is on my mind?  Manifesting.

There are a lot of talk about manifesting, especially in the metaphysical world.  I am a believer in it but have not yet perfected my skills at it.  Have you?  Like to share some tips with us?  That would be great.

Anyway, today is suppose to be a full moon.  Not only a full moon but one of manifestation.  If you sit and meditate enough, it will happen right?  NOT!  It has to be a culmination of things.  Sure the thoughts are the start but you actually have to put some work into it sometimes to get the exact details you are wanting.  For instance;  I am in pre-retirement stage of my life right now.  I am the sole bread winner of the family and have been looking for work for over four months.  However, I already KNEW I didn’t want to work the corporate world anymore.  I’ve had enough of that!  I also know that I don’t want to work my ass off 40 hours a week anymore.  I am of the notion that we are not put upon this earth to work, pay bills and die.  Remember that meme?  Well, I believe it 100%.

Of course we all have to work to make money to live right?  Well sometimes you just have to think outside of the box.  Maybe a couple part time jobs (less stagnant with more variety?), maybe one part time job and side gig (like teaching yoga) or you can go the traditional route of working your ass off at the same place, day after day, doing the same thing and getting the same results.  You know what they call that?  Insanity!  In my case, I am thinking outside of the box and attempting to create the life I want.  Not a life I think I need.  So I have gotten my first part time job doing something that won’t be boring, I won’t be sitting at a desk all day and it’s something I haven’t done in years.  Retail!  I am excited.

This is just part of my experience with manifestation.  I have experienced it a lot in life.  Like when I was in high school, I really wanted a Jeep Wrangler.  I also had this infatuation with Colorado.  You know what?  At the age of 40 something, I found myself living in Colorado and owning a Jeep Wrangler.  I know it took many years but it DID happen that way and I don’t believe it has to take that many years to manifest what it is you want out of life.

So my point in this blog is that manifesting really does work if you are willing to put in the work it takes to make it a reality.  Some people are just naturally more aggressive while others don’t need much to get by in this life.  You need to make it your own and you can.  Have you experience manifestation in your life?  If so, tell us your story of how it came to be. ~Namaste



Dammit, I lost another day on this blog.  Well, since nobody is reading anyway I don’t see a reason to be so anal about it.

What’s on my mind today?  Well job hunting is on my mind today.  What ever happened to the days where you could walk into an establishment, meet somebody, talk a while, shake hands and you got the job?  I miss those days!!

In the age of technology, it’s difficult to for me personally to find a J.O.B..  I’m more personable than say, my resume is.  I look better than anyone could imagine by seeing my resume.  I can do more than what my resume states.  But how do you get that across to potential employers when you have to do everything electronically?

This is typically how my day rolls.  A.  start out on the job boards looking for potential jobs.  B.  Apply to said job electronically submitting my resume through an online portal or via email.  C.  Most companies make you take an assessment test too these days. (I guess they want to make sure they aren’t hiring a shooter or terrorist)  D.  MAYBE a phone interview will come to fruition and they ask the basic questions;  what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses etc (they really need to revamp interview questions after all these years).  THAN if you’re lucky you may get a face to face interview.  THAN if you’re even luckier, you may get the job.  All of this process takes nearly two weeks before you get any kind of answer from anyone.

So again I ask you;  What happened to the days of meeting people, talking with them and getting the job on a more personal level?  We really need to get back to that, don’t you agree?



So just another Sunday in our house.  Although today we changed it up a bit and we went on an hour and half drive to pick up a bar cart.  Yes I said a bar cart.  You see I am a lover of all things old and vintage.  Which is something I’ve noticed people do once they get past a certain age.  Well, I’m past that certain age.  I saw this bar cart in the local advertisements and thought “wow, I could stand to make some money on this”!  That was the intention anyway until I got it home.  Now I’m wondering if I want to sell it at all.

It has become more and more difficult to let things go once I acquire them.  OR I’ll keep them for a while and then out of need, let them go.  This is the little bar cart here:


I instantly fell in love with it, researched it and found out there can be some money made on this piece.  Like hundreds of dollars could be made!  But I will continue to treasure it for as long as I have it and probably miss it once it’s gone (that’s what usually happens).  Do you have an affinity towards buying certain things?  Do you buy just for yourself or do you like to buy and sell items.  I’d like to hear what you like to take guilty pleasures in buying.



Today I just want to express my gratitude for my family and close friends.  These days it’s hard to find good friends and family, well, you just can’t choose them ya know?

But I have been lucky in that I have loving family in my corner.  I am also lucky knowing the people that I do.  I mean REALLY know and who really know me.  Those are the best kind of people.  The ones who are always with you, that are open to explorations with you no matter how bizarre they may be and the ones who will let you talk, cry or vent without ever asking questions.

Every time I think of my family, my heart opens wide.  Being in their presence brings me me an immeasurable amount love.  I feel wrapped up in a warm towel after a shower.  The conversations, the looks and the outright pouring of affection that has been bestowed upon me as of late, is a blessing in and of itself.  And for that I am grateful.  What are you grateful for today?




I’ve come to realize that I mostly bitch on here.  I mean not really that bad but it’s time to turn things around a bit.  We could all use a little something upbeat right?

I’ll start with something I’m grateful for.  Today I’m grateful for food on the table and the privilege it is to eat GOOD food.  Some people don’t have that option so it has been instilled in me to be thankful for food always.  Today I just happen to be cookin’ up a pork roast with potatoes and carrots with naughty brown gravy to smother it all in.  THAT is some good food.

Now you might think that being a yogi means that you eat cleaner than most people.  After all, we are supposed to be more aware right?  Green?  Maybe even vegan?  Well, I’m here to tell ya that this yogi loves to eat.  I say it’s all good in moderation.  AND on top of that, my digestive system is still very capable of digesting nearly everything I eat.  I know what to stay away from, let’s just put it that way.  So having said that, I am off to eat my pork roast smothered in gravy.  What are you grateful for today?  I’d love to hear it.





Now I feel like I’m back on track today.  Funny how routine makes us feel sometimes.  Today I feel like talking about work, jobs, careers and what resonates with us in regards to that.

For the last few months, I moved to another state after losing my corporate job of almost six years, because my position had been “eliminated” they said.  So I’ve been looking for work in my new home state now, for about four months.  This is what I have learned about myself in the process;

I don’t want to work for “the man”.  I’m tired of making others rich (especially corporations who count you as a number, not a person) and just getting by myself.  I find myself asking these questions when looking at job postings; “do I really want to be their bitch?”, “can I really see myself working with older people?” (like retirement homes, but frankly I don’t think I could stand death in a place like that), “You need a degree to make $14 an hour?”, “Can I see myself doing this in five years?” (talking about passions, that’s another blog frankly), “Am I or could I be passionate about this job?” and other random thoughts that pop into my head.

Now I’m also a yoga teacher.  However, anyone who’s in the wellness field knows it’s hard to make any kind of money teaching yoga.  You have to go full out, follow the yogi’s marketing scheme and attain “followers” to gain any substantial progress in teaching yoga.  At this stage of my life, I don’t see that happening for me and frankly, I don’t want it that way.  I’m happy teaching my little classes here and there, knowing I’m making a difference in the lives of those who learn from me.  This is my way of putting into the world, what I would like to see come out of it.  In no way am I a marketing maven who will be moving on to bigger pastures.

So what’s a person to do?  I doubt that I am the only person in the world who is struggling with money vs passion in their chosen field of work.  We all know that it takes money to make the world go around (or at least pay your bills) but that little voice inside says “do something that makes you happy, the world needs more of that”.  The problem is I don’t know what that is just yet and my time is running out.  I keep thinking that I’ll just leave it up to fate but then that other little voice says “you’re running out of unemployment soon, you need to make some money, just get any job”.  That is usually how I’ve attained work but I no longer want to do it that way.  I don’t want to be forced into doing something that makes me miserable and in turn, makes others around me miserable.  I think that is much of what is wrong in the world today.

Have you had to make a choice in making money vs working your passion?  What did you decide and how did it work out for you?  Do you have a degree?  Do you use it for the purpose intended?  I would really love to hear your thoughts on this one.  ~Namaste.


Dammit!  I have gone 2 days without blogging.  How come nobody is keeping me accountable?  I guess I just didn’t have much to say on the 20th so here I am today.  Come on, everyone needs a break every now and then right?

The only thing bothering me today are those people who always have to have the last word.  Know anyone like that?  I know many and I’m sure you do.  What do you do when you get into a conversation with somebody like that?  Do you continue to speak your truth and try to make them see your side?  Or do you let them keep making their point and eventually give up?  Is there any “give” on either side?  Is there any way to have a poignant conversation with somebody without causing the relationship to struggle?  I want your thoughts.


Today I am struggling with my ego and my soul going at odds against each other and let me tell you, it’s rough sometimes.  When you know you are right about many things and another person, out of their own insecurities, tries their best to make it seem as though you are the one that is wrong.  Ever had that happen to you?  You KNOW you are right!  You absolutely KNOW you’re right, yet they keep badgering and sounding off like you are in the wrong.  You know you’re right, you know they’re wrong and yet you just can’t seem to let it go.  Some would ask; “is it better to be right or to be at peace?”…or something like that.  I’m there today.  I am in the right (and that’s all you really need to know from this point, trust me) and they are absolutely in the wrong and mirroring the exact same thing I complained to them about.  My soul tells me “let it go”.  After-all you ARE right and it can be proven or seen by others (in case you needed validation).  But my ego is saying “tell it like it is, don’t hold back and let them have it”.  Truth be told, I have never had an issue with just vomiting out whatever happens to be on my mind most times.  But alas, as I age, I’m trying to be a little more soft.  I’m thinking about things before I say them and thinking about the long term affects.  Will it matter in 5 minutes?  5  months?  Does it matter at all?  These are the things you have to ask yourself.  Now that I’ve talked myself OUT of being right, I’m choosing peace instead and I hope you are today too.  ~Namaste



This one thing has been weighing heavy on my  mind since yesterday.  I had a little run-in with a neighbor.  Well actually not a run-in but I started a squabble on Facebook without even realizing it (go figure).  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a Facebook junkie.  I belong to several groups and pages and one page I belong to is one for my community.

I posted on that page that I was upset with the fact that other people’s dogs were wandering into my yard and the process I would take to correct that.  It’s a real problem where I live, believe me.  Loose dogs all over the place and irresponsible dog owners are the worst.  We have been accosted several times by owners with their dogs OFF the leash.  Of course they are thinking their dog is friendly so what’s the big deal right?

Number one, it’s not just about the pets.  It’s about the owners and their lack of responsibility towards their pets.  I can only imagine that if they don’t pay attention to their pets, they don’t pay that much attention to their kids either and that’s what’s wrong with the world today (but that’s another post on another day).  Number two, there are rules within the community.  No fenced yards and you must walk your dog or tie them outside to potty, not just let them out to wander wherever they want.  Number three, just because your dog is friendly does not mean mine is.  If your dog approaches my dog and yours is not on a leash, guess who’s paying the vet bills when my dog tears your dogs throat out?  It won’t be me.

This discussion on FB turned ugly and I ended up deleting the post and deleting the page.  I realized that the page really was useless as all you ever saw were people complaining or drama queens portraying tough girls.  I just can’t believe how things get so ugly so fast in today’s society.  All over a damned dog that won’t stay in their yard.  If that’s all it takes, it’s no wonder the violence we see in the world today.  How can we find a way to be kinder?  How can we find the compassion and understanding for the person standing across from you?  And how can we avoid violence in a never ending field of frustration?  Your thoughts?








I guess the thing that is on my mind the most today is conspiracy theories and all that they encompass.  These thoughts started with the school shooting in Florida yesterday and all the chaotic after math that ensued on the social networks.  Of course you’re already hearing all the ruckus about “gun control”.  That has become the norm after a mass shooting of any kind.  Is that what this is all about?  Not in my opinion.  Any smart self thinking person will sit and stew on this a bit while the average sheeple will scroll over it with not a second thought.  THAT is what this post is all about.  It’s not all about the shootings, but all the reasons behind the “theories” that you keep hearing about and ignoring.

So now the government and others are screaming for more “mental health checks” and the medications that are given to the mentally ill.  Pro-prescription drug?  Still believe that western medicine is the best practice?  Think again.

It’s the same for everything.  Flu shots.  Big debate over whether or not they are safe.  NOW they are being proven to be making people sick, killing them or at the very least, NOT being effective.  Vaccinations?  Big debate.  Now it’s been proven that many vaccinations have things in them that are making our children sick.  Now it’s all about shootings and “gun control” when people are finally realizing that it’s more about mental health and the government policies that have provided the heated times we live in.

My only point here is this:  Let’s try to do some critical thinking throughout our lives.  Let’s do some research…I mean some DEEP research instead of jumping on every bandwagon that comes along.  You may have your opinions and feelings on some things and you’re totally allowed to have them, but in making decisions that affect you or your family, let’s try not to let “feelings” run your decisions.  Make informed decisions and try not to spew hate until you have ALL the facts and can prove them.


This morning I find myself in search of a job like I’ve been doing for the last five months.  This after having been laid off from my previous job because my position had been eliminated.  I found myself moved to MI. and now in search of work.  These are the things I have notices in this job hunt this time around.  Some are my own personal observations and feelings on why I don’t want that particular job, and some are reasons why I wouldn’t work for that company.

First just let me tell you that after working for a corporation for nearly 6 years (more if you count the other corporations I’ve worked for over the years) I have finally come to realize that I am NOT a corporate gal.  I can work it with the best of them but it does not resonate with me at all.  The constant red tape, bureaucracy, entitlement and egos flying everywhere…it’s just not me and I have a hard time dealing with that type of person (or company).  In my own words, corporations are a toxic waste dump of everything that is wrong with humanity (and some right).

I have also noticed that some companies have been trying to hire the same position for over a month.  Or they are hiring for multiple locations.  Did they have a bunch of people quit on them?  If so, why?  Are they having issues hiring people for that position?  Why?  With all the people in the world looking for work, I find it hard to believe that they can’t fill that position within the first week!  I have seen a company with an ad to hire somebody for a certain position and then the ad disappears like they hired somebody, then a month or so later, you see they are hiring for that same position again.  Are they that hard to work for?  Why did they have a hard time keeping that last person?  I particularly like that scenario when I’m the one who applied previously and now I see they are trying to hire for that same position AGAIN.  I can’t help thinking if they had hired me, maybe they wouldn’t be trying to hire again.  But then again, maybe I would not have liked it either.

Since having all this time to ponder what it is I will do next, I have become the “screener”.  I am being choosy about who I apply for a job, with.  Does it resonate with me?  Do I like the tone of the managers voice?  Is the impression of hustle and bustle or is it a more laid back work scenario?  Will I be helping people (or myself) or will I simply be making money and supporting another rich company?  Can I see myself doing this work 10 years from now?  I am now in charge of my own future.  I am asking the important questions and applying them to my job hunt.  I may end up working for a company I don’t want to work for, simply out of necessity but at least I can say I gave it my all and I know what I want now.  How about you?


As I sit here listening to a music CD my cousin sent me, I find myself crying.  Why?  We are still mourning the passing of my dearest Aunt Faye.   He made this CD with songs that reminded him of her or that were her favorites.

She passed away about a month ago now.  I was there, in the room, with the rest of the family.  All her kids (my cousins) and their kids and my Uncle Harold who is now the “last dinosaur standing” as he put it.  The week I was there was bittersweet for me.  The circumstances sucked but what came out of those circumstances, was in my opinion, miraculous.  I have never felt so much love, compassion and empathy in my life.  The warmth that surrounded me was like a freshly dried blanket out of the dryer and it remained there the whole time.  It’s amazing that something so sad can bring about peace within a family and an opportunity to reconnect.  You start remembering what life is supposed to be about.

To tell you all about my aunt would take another whole entry of its own.  That may be for a later date when I can write it with enough certainty that I won’t drown out my laptop with tears.  But for now, it’s fair to say that my aunt was a rock in the family.  It took her death for me to actually realize that.  She was everyone’s rock and she will be very missed.  I keep getting reminded of that every day!



Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with something that you feel like breaking down and crying?  You feel like maybe if you just ignore it, it will go away right?  It will eventually work itself out won’t it?  Those are the thoughts that go through your head when you get completely overwhelmed with anything in life.  Ok, maybe it’s my head!

I learned the hard way that it’s much easier to ask for help or let others know you can’t handle it anymore. than to continue on with repress stress and tension building up inside you and feeling like the world is going to end if you don’t get er’ done.  It is a great stress reliever when you finally realize you don’t have to do this by yourself.  That you don’t have to feel like a failure all by yourself, if it doesn’t work out.  It’s not the end of the world after-all.

So when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with anything, take a few deep breaths and reach out for help.  Even if it’s advice, guidance or whatever it is you need.  Don’t do it alone and don’t overly stress yourself out over it.  Nothing is worth it.  Your thoughts?











Today I want to talk about entitlement.  There are so many definitions for that and we all know what it means for the most part.  I’m talking about confronting people and feeling entitled to information that you really aren’t entitled to.  I’m talking about confronting people and making them explain what they say or do, even though it has NO effect on your life whatsoever.  Do you know somebody like that?  I do, I’ve known several.  How do you deal with people like that?

I have become pretty good at spotting when this is going to happen or when it already has and the BS has started.  Let me just say that I can’t stand confrontational people.  I also can’t stand people who feel entitled, in ANY capacity.  And mixing the two is a recipe for disengagement from me and many others I know.  Nobody wants to deal with difficult people, especially when it’s non of their business.

I have come to deal on  my own terms.  I have learned to set boundaries and enforce them.  I have learned that drama is all about perspective and everyone is only going to deal with what they can handle.  For me, it’s NO drama.  I hate it!!  I have learned that I can still love these people but have to tip toe around them sometimes to make the relationship work (or enforce your boundaries).  Either way works.  I have also learned that it isn’t you, it’s them.  They need control.  They need to know everything and they need to do everything on their own terms.  Which is fine in their world but they cannot fault others for not wanting to be a part of that world either.

Do you know somebody that is confrontational or entitled to an extreme?  Tell me about it.  How do you deal with it?



Today I want to vent about the things that people are offended by these days and what I feel that is doing to our society.  I believe that most of those issues, Facebook is responsible for too.  Here is why.

I recently belonged to a “group” page that had something to do with selling on Etsy.  It started out being a great page.  You could share information between sellers on Etsy, you can advertise your page and often times get people asking for ideas for presents.  It started out nicely.

Just recently somebody posted a pic and a link to somebody selling a Hitler garden gnome.  The gnome itself was ugly and of poor quality but their description of the item was quite satirical in nature.  The person who posted this was offended by such garbage.  Fine!  Some even went so far as to report them to Etsy.  Fine, but do you really think it’s going to do any good?  Probably not.

You did have some chime in with the reasons why somebody should be offended.  I just simply told them that if you don’t like it, don’t buy it but that I was sure that somewhere out in the world, there are people who find it funny and/or satirical as it was intended.  In other words, they have a sense of humor people!!!

Upon reading all the posts on people wanting to report them, I simply made my last comment and deleted the page.  Why?  Because THEY are the ones spewing hate.  Simply by posting something they found (or trolled) and did not agree with, a lynch mob was formed and comments kept a comin’.  I could no longer stand to stay on this page where hate was spewed.  It was quite obvious that the person who listed the item on Etsy, did not intend for it to come across as hateful, and many people agreed.  I’m just tired of everyone being offended by things that they shouldn’t be offended by.  As I told them, you really need to pick your battles and I believe that condemning somebody for what they are selling, doing or saying is wrong.  If you don’t like it, don’t partake in it.  Your beliefs are not necessarily the beliefs of others.  You need to ask yourself;  1.  is it important?  2.  is it relevant?  3.  will it be important 24 hours from now?  4.  and will it affect my life in any way (aside from the emotional offensiveness that people experience).  Let’s leave emotions out of it and realize that everyone’s ideology is important.












I woke up this morning and thought about my aunt Faye who passed away a few weeks ago.  I don’t know what brought me to this point, but I felt the need to read her will and written letter again.  I read it all, I read the obituary and looked at pictures.  Crying and cleansing the soul first thing on a Sunday morning, maybe what the Dr. ordered (or maybe it was her eh?)  I  have trinkets all over the house that I picked up from hers, just so I could have a piece of her with me always.  I know in my heart that she’s always with me as we are soul mates (we talked about this years ago).  It doesn’t make it any easier for me.  I think of her kids (my cousins) often as we have always been close and that has not changed.  They miss her dearly and some have came to rely on her so heavily, I fear what may happen now that she isn’t around.  They seem to have come together in all this and that makes my heart happy.  I will miss her terribly as she was my go to person always.  Even over my own mother.  She was evenly tempered and seemed to ALWAYS listen to you no matter what was going on.  She was an angel and I mean that literally.  I feel her with me always now.  I knew I would.  Happy Sunday all and think about those that have passed in your life.  Send them all the love they deserve because they can feel it.












I have had many thoughts over the last 3 or 4 weeks that for now, escape me.  Let’s talk about the one thing that has consumed me today.  Teaching corporate yoga.

Do you teach yoga?  Do you teach corporate yoga?  Maybe both!  Which do you like better and why?  What style of yoga do you teach in your corporate classes?  Are your students more or less receptive? Did you take a corporate yoga class?  If so, did you benefit from it and how?

I want to dig in deep for some major insight and inspiration.  Bring it on!











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