Creating the change I want to see in the world.

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I am a creative, yogi, wife and mother. I want to bring beauty to the world in both written and visual form. I am doing my best to be the change I want to see in the world. Won’t you join me?

Yoga is my newest love. I have met so many great like-minded people. I want to share the beauty in the art I create with my photos, share art in every form and talk about my experiences as a yogi. I want to share in the absolute positivety that my life brings me in every form.


Coming from a background of numerous spinal issues with scoliosis, spinal fusions and all that that encompasses, Reni started her yoga journey in 2013 when she decided she had had enough of the chronic pains she had been experiencing for years. “I did yoga for about a year and a half before I even gave a thought about teaching it to others.”  In 2015 she started her journey into yoga teacher training and has been going strong ever since.

“I believe that yoga is for everyone; young, old, flexible, not-so-flexible, big, small and even those with disabilities or physical limitations of any kind. If I can do it with a fully fused spine, anyone can do it.  Even if you don’t look like the cover model of Yoga Journal you will definitely gain benefits mentally and emotionally.  Think of it as moving meditation.”

Reni is a registered Yoga Alliance teacher whose approach to yoga is slow and deliberate focusing on breath and function of the poses. She has fully immersed herself into the more therapeutic aspects of yoga having taken extra instruction on adaptive yoga for disabilities and scoliosis.

“I love doing yoga, I love teaching yoga and I love what yoga has done for me and what I know it can do for others. Come play with me and get to know your body all over again.”




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